Stars, planets and moons traveling from horizon to horizon,
Cycling springs, summers, autumns and winters,
Clocks you watch, watches you wear,
Calendars whose pages turn and turn again,
Are tricksters in this three-dimensional illusory weaving.
Time has never truly passed as you have been conditioned to believe.

* * * *
Suffering is the outcome of attachment to the fictitious mind-body identity.
All endeavors to ease the sorrow of consciousness are ineffectual
Without the realization of your true indestructibility.

* * * *
Clothing, jewelry, make-up and hair
Cloak the stark reality of the human body,
The various orifices of its physical functioning.
What is romantic, beautiful and essential to the deluded
Takes on another appearance when the veil
Of genetic gratification unravels.

* * * *
The tombs in which you wrap your vanity
Cannot lock out the dust of eternity.

* * * *
Being born into illusion
Does not mean you must reside there.
You have never been bound by your original separation
But through your narcissistic collaboration.

* * * *
Humanity must accept total responsibility
For its impact on this garden world.
Do not put the burden on god.
There will be no messiah,
Nor hordes of angels to save us.
Each alone must make the paradigm shift.

* * * *
You spend your life believing the part you play,
But contrary to what the senses fool you into knowing,
All your thoughts, concepts, theories, images, hopes and dreams,
All the kaleidoscoping reflections of those many mirrors passing before you,
All the vain paths to glory you or anyone else have ever concocted,
Have no ultimate reality or lasting importance whatsoever.

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