The immutable requires neither approval nor sanction.
The manifest resolve of the skittish herd is the synergy of delusion.
Reality ever stands alone, aloof, free, without concern.
There is no other between you and the source.

* * * *
Do not make the mistake of fashioning
Prophets, mystics, saints, seers, and sages into idols.
They may well have been awakened mortals, models of realization,
But they all began with the same primal awareness,
The same timeless potential as you.

* * * *
Those lost to materialism seem to think
That through endlessly gorging their senses
With sights, tastes, smells, sounds, and sensations,
That they are somehow living more fully.

* * * *
Avoid moral dilemmas and quagmires.
Good and evil are the stillborn of duality.

* * * *
Humanity as a whole has not yet fully comprehended
That its continued existence in manifest time
Is entirely based on its many choices.
The clayness of the essential nature is not concerned
What forms it manifests, what dramas it plays, or for how long it lasts.

* * * *
The mind's endless quest for some formula
Or capsulated conclusion is doomed to failure.
The river captured by a snapshot is not the river.
The pacifier is no replacement for a mother's breast.
Concepts, equations, or symbols can never touch reality.

* * * *
The stillpoint of awareness you are is the keystone to reality.
It is the point from which all manifestation is created,
And the point of oblivion to which all returns.

* * * *
As consciousness grounds in awareness,
As you clearly perceive illusion is not reality,
As you discern duality is the source of all suffering,
As the birthright of beingness resumes its rightful function,
There is nothing left to do but whatever needs doing.

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