You wander through cities, down paths, along rivers,
But who was it wandered where and when?
In all those walks, those thoughts,
Those many acts and deeds,
Woven into each and every one
Was the unwavering, choiceless awareness,
The witness you are, have always been, and will ever be.

* * * *
Your appearance in this manifest world is unimportant.
Whatever your attributes, whether you run barefoot or wear shoes,
Are clean or unclean, crippled or healthy, intelligent or simple, female or male,
Poor or wealthy, strong or weak, ugly or comely, named or unnamed,
Each and every one is the same essential quantum nature.

* * * *
Do more, do more, do more,
So many always crying out do more.
Yet if more would live simply, with less effort,
If more would subside their desire-filled, fearful frenzy,
This drama might manifest something more compatible with reality.

* * * *
The quantum nature can be challenging to ascertain
Because you only perceive the shortcomings of this dualistic world.
Quest within, discern the essence, unify with the totality,
Realize the perfection you have ever been.

* * * *
You believe because you move your hand from side to side,
That time has passed and movement in space transpired.
But what has created that reality but the timeless stillness,
That ephemeral essence in which you as witness truly reside.

* * * *
The essential purpose of the senses in this manifest play is survival.
Over time, every human being evolves a personal mythos
Based on the mind's interpretation of the data.
Who is the director of the theater but the witness in all.

* * * *
We rationalize the spending of untold wealth
On weapons of destruction, temples of vain worship,
And countless other entertainments and self-absorbed exploits,
When peoples across the world strive merely for a few handfuls of food.
The suffering and horror of our synergistic expression
Is a dark legacy for those yet to come.

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