Followers have all too often made the desolate mistake
Of paying homage or worshiping whoever said it,
Rather than understanding what was said.

* * * *
From genesis to now,
Life's origin to now,
Human evolution to now,
Geographical separation to now,
Technological advancement to now,
Your own mortal birth to now.
Timelines within timelines,
Linear, dualistic, divisive.
Unify them intuitively within.
Eternity is ever the timeless nowness.

* * * *
The challenge set before you is to wipe the full slate clean,
And not write anything new, and only just less deceiving.

* * * *
The world economy is dominated
By vested interests, feudal corporate entities,
Whose spiritless, pagan idol is the ledger and its bottom line.
The web they spin is of destruction, pain and remorse,
To which no mortal life form is immune.

* * * *
Premature judgment of anyone's past
May deny the wisdom they have gleaned,
Or be in the unfolding process of discerning.
Allow others the sovereignty you yourself request.

* * * *
No matter how insane the unfolding human drama appears,
Remember always that it is being played out in perfection.

* * * *
Though all that is, is the unicity of the great quantum dreamtime,
Few deeply discern the ever-present, unborn-undying state.
Many are called, few are chosen, fewer still volunteer.

* * * *
The mind incessantly projects purpose and meaning,
Fabricating one worry after another in the resulting process.
Perhaps the only real purpose or meaning is to discover there is none,
That living is enough, and no problem need be made of it.

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