Because isness is, you are.
Because you are, isness is.
Without isness, there would be no you.
Without you, there would be no witness to the mystery.

* * * *
Many would call it sacrilegious
To state, "I am that which is godness."
But it is far more so to deny it.

* * * *
Meditation is awareness of the unfolding moment.
It is the dredging of the accumulated sediment of identification;
That which inhibits the timeless discernment of what you truly are, and are not.

* * * *
Walk a few paces from where you stand.
Look back to where you think you started.
Time and space are the illusion of perception.
You will never wander through any instant again.

* * * *
Prior to consciousness, prior to the sensory theater,
The stillness before time is what you every moment are.

* * * *
Who sees the wind tipping the trees in spring?
Hears the busy chatter of squirrels chasing?
Smells the mid-afternoon coffee brewing?
Feels the piercing of the kitten's playful claws?
Tastes the chilled chocolate melting?
Who has all those memories?
All that knowledge and capability?
All those assorted opinions and values?
Who desires, dreads, angers, laughs, suffers?
You do.
You are the power, the light, a drop of all that is, and is not.
You are creator, quantum dancer, eternally, immortally absolute.

* * * *
You have always been a quantum being.
There has never been one moment when you were not.
All you need do is discern it, and allow the witness to take wing within.

* * * *
A drug may help you find it, but cannot keep you there for long.
The challenge is to perceive eternity in the everyday mundane.

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