The differences inherent in cultures,
Across this garden world, are to be transcended.
Emphasizing ancient traditions is increasingly dysfunctional,
And only inhibits the potential for the unmanifest
To blossom into manifest sovereignty.

* * * *
The introspective mind must often face
Countless painful obstacles of its own creation,
Until the clarity of the sharpened blade of discrimination,
No longer cuts with such uncoordinated ferocity,
That which never existed in the first place.

* * * *
Neither birth nor death can touch what is real.

* * * *
This world is a birthing ground of consciousness,
Away from which the only earnest heading is awareness.
When your vision tacks this direction, there may or may not be
Acceptance from the relatives and friends you value.
Unresolvable differences may be unavoidable,
But whatever course ultimately unfolds,
Your revelation must carry the day.
Neither seek nor expect the sanction of those,
Lacking the insight to comprehend your journey home.

* * * *
When communities are no longer functional,
New adaptations form to iron the disarrayed fabric.
Human civilization is navigating through a teetering zenith.
A cooperative paradigm, one crossing all boundaries,
Awaits shaping into common consciousness,
The potential toward which all humanity
May or may not choose to journey.
The epic is already complete,
And though none present,
Will ever see its end,
Your presence contributes,
To the future this time is shaping.

* * * *
We paint ourselves into corners with our habits and traditions.
Nothing need stay the same, nothing can stay the same,
But the rigidity of the linear mind is ever an obstacle.
Endless attempts to achieve security make us even more insecure,
In ways threatening our kind, and every other life form on this whirling sphere.

The Stillness Before Time

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