What so many believe religion to be,
Is acted out as self-serving, improbable propaganda.
It is a secondhand act of memory, of recollection and regurgitation.
Real revelation comes spontaneously from union within.

* * * *
To believe godness is only that which is out of the ordinary,
Is an error humankind succumbs to again and again.
All manifest forms persevere in the same field.
A particle of dust is as much an unfathomable mystery,
As the most astounding, most wondrous miracle, ever performed.
There is absolutely nothing ordinary about anything in this quantum matrix.

* * * *
Many operate thinking that something outside themselves,
Will foster everlasting happiness and contentment;
Only because they are not paying attention,
To that from which all things flow.

* * * *
We are rapidly approaching the inevitable reckoning point,
In the dynamic movement of human consciousness,
When we as a tentative life form have no choice,
But to reconcile the countless differences,
And see the unmanifest universality,
The absolute unicity of awareness.
Our many differences are imagined,
But the results of this continued delusion,
Are inescapably devastating to all life on this sphere.
To maintain this paradigm as it has evolved, is unutterable madness.

* * * *
You have the advantage of history,
To thoroughly witness the relentless absurdity,
Wrought by the delusional rigidity of organized religions.
When will you wrest your sovereignty, from those who would tame it?

* * * *
What unutterable vanity to believe that this timeless quantum mystery,
Needs to be, much less can be, systematized into any so-called religion.

* * * *
Your yearning, your dread, your fear, your agony;
Your delusional hope, that some other can or will rescue you;
Has been brandished against you, since the seeds of consciousness took root.
It is time to clearly discern, that you know as much as anyone;
That it is you alone, who must choose to be free.

The Stillness Before Time

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